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Ruby Chest consulting

We Use Our Expertise To Assist Small
Businesses In Overcoming Strategic Growth Obstacles.

Business Growth Guaranteed

Our goal is to ensure that your business grows sustainably

by creating a good plan and delivering strategic execution

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Strategic Alignment

We have the requisite skill set to interpret /represent the management level and business level strategies to the operational team. These blueprints are well-calibrated for ease of execution with performance indicators to guide at every stage.
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Business Analytics

Using your historical trends and existing data, we are able to drive insightful business plans for the future; manage your existing clients, and attract new prospects.

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Resource Loading

We are able to harness the possibilities of every available resource; be it tangible or intangible. Our resource management team recognizes the potential of every accessible asset and are able to create an opportunity out of the available holdings.
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Value Chain Process Re-engineering

Our value chain proposition concept allows for an overhaul of your business workflow and design to meet your operational demands; while taking cognizance of the standard business practice in your operating environment.
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supply chain consulting solutions in port harcourt nigeria

Supply Chain Consulting

In a world of complex supply chain activities, our dynamic team is interested in solving the multiplex problems even before they become apparent. We are able to design a seamless flowcharts, standard operating procedures and align your team to deliver on the customers expectations.
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Engineering and Marine Procurement-lagos-nigeria

Engineering and Marine Procurement

We focus on making available the requisitioned materials at the most economic and advantageous offer. Delivering the right specification of spares at the right time to solve the identified defect is one of our focal targets.
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About Ruby Chest


About Us

We use our expertise to assist small businesses in overcoming strategic growth obstacles.

We are committed to ensuring the sheer strategies are in place for your business while we work to achieve a re-engineering of the processes and people for optimum/sustainable profitability via strategic alignment, tactical planning and operational efficiency.

Are you looking for a solutions-based consulting expert to structure, organize and add value to your start-up or existing business?

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consulting firm in lagos consulting firm in port harcourt consulting firm in nigeria

Address: Port-Harcourt, Nigeria

Phone: +234 803 0594 168

Email: info@rubychestgroup.com

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Address: Port-Harcourt, Nigeria

Phone: +234 803 0594 168

Email: info@rubychestgroup.com

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